Next in the lineup of some of the best tenors ever is the man who I personally think was the best ever – Mr. Johnny Cook.

     Mr. Cook sang with groups like the Florida Boys, the Statesmen, and the Happy Goodmans.  He would often have a sing-out with Vestal Goodman, to see who could sing higher.  And he would usually com away the winner. 

     Johnny Cook had an unbelievable voice.  Even when singing higher than a woman (Vestal), he sounded clear, firm, and pure in tone.  He did not sound girly, strainy, or squeaky. 

     Unfortunately, Johnny’s career came to an end when he passed away in 2000.  He left his mark, however, as quite possibly the best tenor EVER in southern gospel music.

     Today, enjoy a good old-fashioned sing-off between Vestal Goodman and Johnny Cook on the old gospel song “Looking for a City.”


     Hope you enjoyed that?  What do you think?  Was Johnny the best, or is there someone better?  Let me know!